About the Film

While searching to make sense of his life, Mr Man, a stop motion character, meets an amazing 3-D animated book character called Mr Bible, who offers to help him find the true meaning of life. Mr Bible opens key pages in the Bible to explain why God made the world and what went wrong. These pages are brought to life in 2D.

Finally, Mr Bible puts Mr Man into clips extracted from “The Jesus Film”, making it appear that the stop motion character is interacting with Jesus. Mr Man discovers The Secret of True Life through following Jesus, and prays a prayer of commitment to Him.

“The Secret of True Life” Film is based on MediaServe’s publication of the same name. Watch the promo video / Read the booklet online.

Includes additional animated feature showing how to triumph over life’s problems and challenges.

“I just finished seeing the movie and think it’s a fantastic piece of work!” – Peter Bose
“The best evangelistic film for use of everyone – such an effective tool.” – Pradip Das
“The film is great; you’ve presented the whole gospel in just 26 minutes; even movies of three hours duration don’t do this as well. The message is so clear and the movie cleverly done.” – Biju