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The Star of David Bible


For Jewish people, available in Russian and Amharic. This special edition of the whole Bible highlights:

  • Biblical references to God’s promises to the Jews
  • The Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament and their fulfilment in Jesus (Yeshua)

Bible in Amharic

Bible for another distinct people-group. With its decorative green cover, Muslim friends in Ethiopia eagerly receive this Bible in the Amharic language. The Islamic-style packaging makes all the difference. It’s no longer just the Holy Book of Christians, but a Bible for everyone!

Illustrated Books & Booklets

The King

A colourful, action-packed book for older children and teens. Based on Mark’s Gospel, The King’s vibrant illustrations bring the truth of God’s Word to life.

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The Prophets Speak

A concise selection of amazing Messianic and Israeli prophecies right from the pages of Scripture, some being fulfilled before our very eyes!

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The Gate to Life

Basic teaching from the Bible, designed to help you take the first essential steps in following Jesus! Self-instructive, but can also be used in groups.

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The Secret of True Life

The booklet on which the movie is based. A life-changer for many! A powerful combination of Scripture and creative cartoons. Everyday needs are addressed with solutions directly from the Bible!

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