What people say about the Film


Peter Bose
“I just finished seeing the movie and think it’s a fantastic piece of work!”

Pradip Das
“The best evangelistic film for use of everyone – such an effective tool.”

“The film is great; you’ve presented the whole gospel in just 26 minutes; even movies of three hours duration don’t do this as well. The message is so clear and the movie cleverly done.”

A viewer in China
“Watched the film online and I have one word for it – BRILLIANT!  It is brilliant from every point of view! An amazing film, and in so many languages.”

Vickie, Verndale, USA
I work with children and would like to show this wonderful video to our children during this stay-at-home time. This film has a fantastic salvation message!”

User Reviews of The Secret of True Life

Suraksha – 5 Stars 

Wonderful movie

Kalaivani – 1 Stars 


Berhanu Belaineh – 5 Stars 

Full Gospel in a few minutes.
May God bless you!

Enosh – 4 Stars 

I would love to watch the stop motion Production and may be a good and a different way of telling the story to my children. God bless the works of your hands.

Vijay Kumar – 2 Stars 

Best motivational story

Raja – 5 Stars 

I like this film
Super good film
I love universe

Nishanth Moses – 5 Stars 

God’s creation and new testament in a nutshell. Excellent

Battu Ramesh – 5 Stars 

VerGood naic

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